Houdini box modeling. People seemed to hate Houdini's poly modeling tools, so I gave it a try. While it is not really intuitive, it more than makes up for its shortcomings by the node-based workflow. Made around 2005. Touch/click for details.
We had a hedgehog in the garden that was too small to make it through the winter. We took it inside and fed the little fella when he'd wake up. I thought it would make an excellent example for learning the copy SOP in Houdini. No hair system of any kind, just expressions and copying.
An Aloutte helicopter, as used by various mountain rescue teams. This is my testbed for new blender features, especially the cycles renderer. Whenever something good is added, I add some testcases here and there.
Also out of curiosity, I wanted to see how far a low-poly model could resemble a sculpted one. Almost all of the details have been generated procedurally.